Sunday, August 11, 2013

Morning Juice

I'm obsessed with Netflix, and one day watched the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." It's about this guy named Joe who was, as the title suggest, fat, sick, and nearly dead. He wanted to take control of his health and put himself on an all juice cleanse. It really inspired me to try juicing, so I went out and bought a juicer. I love it! You feel super healthy, and you definitely get a jolt of energy. Clean up is annoying though.

The best part is you can use whatever you like/whatever you have on hand. You should always make sure your juice is at least 50% vegetables, or the energy rush you get can be a result of all of the sugar from the fruit

This juice: apple, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, kiwi, lettuce, spinach, celery, carrots, ginger

I also took the juice and put it into my blender with a banana (which you can't juice) and coconut oil

I probably juice about twice a week and it's fun to make new combinations every time.



p.s. Go Badgers!

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