Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beer Cake

I saw this online and thought it was the cutest idea. While I made Andrew cupcakes (Mini Cupcakes) and a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, I thought a beer cake could also be a perfect table centerpiece for the party! And something that you could drink later!

  • 30 pack of whatever beer you choose (I used Busch Light)
  • Banner
  1. On the first layer, put together 3 beers with a circle of 8 beers around it
  2. Arrange a second layer of about 10 cans
  3. Arrange a third layer of 4 cans
  4. Arrange a fourth layer of 1 can
  5. Top with cupcake (optional)
  6. Top cupcake with mini cupcake (also optional :))
  7. Put banner around each layer


Happy Birthday Andrew!

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