Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lox and Cream Cheese

One of my favorite meals of all time is a quality lox and cream cheese sandwich. So when I went to New York, one of the top things on my list (because clearly all I think about is food) was to get a classic New York bagel with classic lox and cream cheese. And I figured out why New York bagels are so good! (or at least this bagel from Brooklyn Bagel)... they have the toppings on BOTH sides of the bagel! Usually I only like the top of the bagel because that's where all the good stuff is, but they have everything on both!. Genius.

  • Bagels (I like everything)
  • Cream cheese (I used whipped)
  • Salmon
  • Red onion, capers, tomato, lettuce (optional)
  1. Toast bagel if you wish
  2. Spread on cream cheese
  3. Top with salmon
  4. Top with optional ingredients
With a breakfast like this, you won't be hungry until dinner! (or until 10am, which is how my body works)



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